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All the blog articles are fully uniquely written by writers. No duplicates or copied content.
Themes, plugins and stock photos fully installed
Custom logos, icons and stock photos included
Huge passive income opportunity in a unique market.
Adsense business model already setup and integrated
This was an expired domain was first developed in 2002, verified from Archive.org modified to close to it's current look in 2017 and evolved to a limited degree since, being one of old domain it may have some natural links in the past. It was parked on sedo for a few years and brought back last Nov. 2016 with minimal editing. We just haven't had the time to properly monetize the traffic and update the site better since then, but with such good keywords we know it is of value to the right buyer who can put it to proper use.

You can also start by focusing on adding good content to the site. There are many ways to grow a site, for me personally, I would start by adding more content to the site. The more valuable content you have, the easier it is for google to find you.

You can also use this site to link to your main site. Linking niche related sites together will provide a lot of link juice to your money sites such as your main business site.


The website is presently monetized with Google Adsense An opportunity for truly Passive Income website, with lots of Potential For Increasing revenue!

Also note that Adsense is not only the way the website can be monetized, it can be monetized with CPA offers and other affiliate program such as Clickbank where targeted ads can be placed at strategic location on the website to increase its click through rate thereby earning more revenue (not tested yet).

Reason for Selling

I am a internet entrepreneur and I create websites that make money online. I have a personal website at Nichesitestudy.com where I share the knowledge of SEO and potentially making money online with websites. I have a huge portfolio of websites. However I need to downsize due to the fact that I have limited time developing on it. Any internet marketer will love to retain this, but I just don't have the time to take it to the next level. I have too many other projects I am working on at this time.